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Monthly Archives: February 2006

The “e” word

"She thinks ‘e’ is the first letter of the swear word ‘effin’." ~ designer Jay McCarroll’s sister describing his young niece’s take on Jay’s swearing, from Bravo’s Project Jay

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J. Called 26Feb06

J. finally called this morning, exhausted and weary.  He has had a rough couple of weeks.  A nearby American unit lost several soldiers to a roadside bomb (according to J., "driving down the road is the most dangerous thing a soldier can do").  And J. is now on night patrol with the Iraqis in attempt […]

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I can’t do this.

That’s what I keep thinking.  It’s this tape that plays in my head on the "incessant" setting.  Have you ever had sobs well up in your throat?  That has been me since last night, when I was struck with panic and anxiety for no reason (well, some reason–I haven’t heard from J. in over a […]

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Future Football Player?

Love this pic…  E. fished the football out of our "Daddy Box" (box o’ stuff for J.’s care packages) and played with it all day.  Here she’s taking a break to watch some t.v. and rest.

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Dirty Work

Of course, I always miss J. terribly, but especially so when it comes to husband jobs.  Like squashing spiders, and taking out the trash on Mondays…and unclogging pipes.  Must add to growing list of Things Not To Cram Down Garbage Disposal: Item #3 – gummy macaroni noodles. Anyway, I actually took a pic of the […]

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