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Monthly Archives: March 2006

So Appropriate

J.’s mom made a scrapbook for his birthday, collecting stories, letters and pictures from friends and family who knew J. as a child.  His pastor recounted this story: "I remember your words when you were a little boy in nursery school.  You had crawled under Gramma’s house to get a kitten and I asked, ‘But […]

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Happy 30th Bday, J! (click to watch J’s bday video)

*** Click to Watch J’s Bday Video *** To J.’s Parents:  March 30 will mark the 30th anniversary of  the day you became parents.  I’m sure you couldn’t have imagined the heartbreak and joy that comes with loving someone so much; we couldn’t have fathomed it until we had our precious E.  A thousand thank-you’s […]

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My New Diet

In a recent discussion with several friends I mentioned I’ve been eating terribly lately.  My running/diet-guru friend told me to start eating complex carbohydrates.  I hope by "complex" she meant "hard to get the bag/bottle open" because today I ate Eggos, pretzels, a handful of Ruffles (okay, and Cheetos), Diet Coke, and a beer (gasp!).  […]

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Finally! J. Called 24Mar06

I hadn’t heard from him in two weeks.  He has been involved in Operation Swarmer.  Since this was an Iraqi-led mission, they went along with the Kurdish Iraqi batallion they are training to search the area for weapons caches.  The area was remote and dangerous and had become a known hotbed of insurgent activity.  J. […]

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Speaking of Tight-Rolled Jeans

  Someone commented on tight-rolled jeans in the previous post and I couldn’t help but share. This is just a preview of what’s to come within the next week (my husband, J., is on the right) .  He turns 30 next week and I’ve conspired to find childhood pictures to celebrate.  I know, I know…he’s […]

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