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The Hours


Any Army wife who has gone through a deployment knows these hours – the ones right before they go.  J. leaves very early tomorrow morning, so tonight marks the end of R&R and we’re in the final hours before his return for another grueling six months in the sand.  J. just left to get pizza.  I’m choking on anxiety and sadness.  We both are.  We’re just not talking about it.  It was all over his face tonight as he played with E. for a few more moments before putting her to bed.  And it was in the air between us as I reminded him to take his wedding ring off.  And it’s in the pit of my stomach as I write this.  There isn’t much to say – or that even needs to be said.  We know.  We’re thinking all the same things.

I’m sure I will have pics of another Anxiety Project to post soon. 

Erin - I cryed when I just looked at your blog, I don’t know how you and James are feeling but my heart goes out to the both of you. If you need ANYTHING, call me!
I love you guys