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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Don’t Try This At Home *fabric update*

No, seriously.  I mean it.  Don’t try it.  It’s another one of my "booty bags" (as someone from Craftster so aptly named it).  Now that the Army has changed their uniform, there is a wealth of BDU material out there.  A nice lady sent me her hubby’s old BDUs for me to use in projects […]

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J. Called 28Jun06: What Did You Do Today, Honey?

I seriously get giddy when he calls; it’s like talking to a new boyfriend or something. He seemed surprised that I was so excited to hear from him. He had gotten a good night’s sleep after a 24-hour shift spent building a checkpoint.  I can’t wait to someday be in a civilian professional life and […]

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Lesson Learned:

If your toddler is unusually quiet while your back is turned, be afraid.  Be very afraid. (this isn’t the half of it – her arms are also covered)

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A Few of Her Favorite Things

These are E.’s favorite things this week.  Her favorite snack for a couple of weeks has been orange crayons (notice the chew marks on the end), but thankfully I’ve diverted her attention with a healthy alternative – raisins (which I personally loathe for slightly quirky reasons).  She likes to line up these cars and game […]

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First Try

Remember I posted previously about using the illustrations I found as transfer images (it’s funny how I have collected all kinds of graphic pieces for transfer and have yet to actually transfer anything)?  The first step in my idea was to watercolor the images.  Here is my first try.  I used my toddler’s $2 watercolor […]

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