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First Try


Remember I posted previously about using the illustrations I found as transfer images (it’s funny how I have collected all kinds of graphic pieces for transfer and have yet to actually transfer anything)?  The first step in my idea was to watercolor the images.  Here is my first try.  I used my toddler’s $2 watercolor set and this is what I came up with.  I know nothing about watercolor so please don’t look too closely.

Mom - Ok, now I’m having flashbacks to you at 5 years old, doing your first paint-by-number (yeah, a bit young, but as my first-born I was always rushing you a bit ahead of “schedule” *s*)… then fast-forward to your summer art classes in elementary school years (the ones where the instructor told me you didn’t want instruction, you wanted to do things your *own* way “haha!”) I’ve always thought you had an artist’s eye. Remember when you dabbled in cartooning?
I love this scene! So what do you think you might transfer it onto? And how do you make that work anyway? This fascinates me…

C., author - My plan for transferring is prob. not the best, but I don’t have the time or equipment for Gocco or silkscreening or other forms of transfer, so I’ll just scan this in to the computer and print on fabric transfer paper.

rebecca - beautiful. so classic and yummy