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A Few of Her Favorite Things


These are E.’s favorite things this week.  Her favorite snack for a couple of weeks has been orange crayons (notice the chew marks on the end), but thankfully I’ve diverted her attention with a healthy alternative – raisins (which I personally loathe for slightly quirky reasons).  She likes to line up these cars and game pieces (I find the  simple graphics inspiring – maybe as embroidery transfers?). 


Susan - E. is so cute! My nephew (he’s 5) does the same thing with his toys. He goes to my mother-in-law’s and wants to set the play room up in “centers” like they have at pre-school! He also likes to carry his toys of the day around in a bucket.

rebecca - cute! don’t you just love the fun things the little ones do!?! those are great graphics – definitely a crafty inspiration 😀