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Lesson Learned:


If your toddler is unusually quiet while your back is turned, be afraid.  Be very afraid.

(this isn’t the half of it – her arms are also covered)

Georgia - Ohhh yes, that is very true, and it goes beyond the toddler years. Whenever I realize that the house is quiet, my first reaction is “what’s wrong??” My house is never quiet unless the boys are sleeping or doing something they’re not supposed to!

Susan Kern - I laugh with you! My youngest and her cousin are always getting into things. They’ve emptied Grandma’s freezer, “made supper,” which meant breaking a bottle of wine, and used 2 bottles of body wash to make a slip-n-slide in the bath tub. Just to name a few! The fun is just beginning!

Erin - So true, Jack is the same way. Pens and mom’s lipstick are his favorites. You just gotta laugh.

Dorothy - Oh fun times! I got one of those too but she seems to like Sharpies.

rebecca - girlie girl – you just wait til E has a sibling…. i’ll never forget the day my V came to me – solid white (and i mean-snow white) big brother had covered him, head to toe (even his hair) in baby powder… his eyes were the only thing you could see… today, this is hilarious to me. then, not so much 😀