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Don’t Try This At Home *fabric update*

No, seriously.  I mean it.  Don’t try it.  It’s another one of my "booty bags" (as someone from Craftster so aptly named it).  Now that the Army has changed their uniform, there is a wealth of BDU material out there.  A nice lady sent me her hubby’s old BDUs for me to use in projects (I can’t change anything of my own hubby’s until he’s safely home).  She also asked me to make her a bag like my corduroy purse.  Reconstruction work is more difficult than working with plain cuts of fabric, but I didn’t think it would be near impossible.


I don’t know what I was thinking.  They’re military uniforms; meant to be worn in war, and, as it happens, are constructed quite well.  Besides their sturdiness, everything about them is different than regular old pants.  Halfway through the project, I considered waving a white flag.  I pressed on.  But never again (well…).

Thelittlestblanket On a side note, she will be having a baby while her hubby is deployed, so I thought I would make a token gift (mini-blankie or diaper changer) including daddy’s uniform for their Little Precious.

[*Note: I bought the alphabet fabric at JoAnn’s; it’s not avail. online]

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Georgia - I love them both! Good for you for sticking it out with the BDU bag. It really looks great!
Having her baby while her husband is deployed? I know it must happen a lot. You military wives absolutely amaze me. I know that you do what you gotta do, but wow I really respect you gals.

Dorothy - U did a great job as always! Thanks for that applique site.
I saw some cute patriotic United We Stand kid material today at Walmart but I didn’t know what to do with it. I should have just picked some up and asked u for ideas.

Meagan - I love that sweet little blanket. Do you know where you came across that number fabric? Its so adorable. I think I’m gonna make my little one a blankie with something of daddy’s on it. Such a great idea.

rebecca - does it make it worth it to hear that the new booty bag is really really cute?!
oh. that. blanket!
absolutely terrific idea!!!