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J. Called 28Jun06: What Did You Do Today, Honey?

I seriously get giddy when he calls; it’s like talking to a new boyfriend or something. He seemed surprised that I was so excited to hear from him. He had gotten a good night’s sleep after a 24-hour shift spent building a checkpoint.  I can’t wait to someday be in a civilian professional life and look back on our conversations while in the military.  Somehow I don’t believe that we’ll ever answer "what did you do today, honey?" with "I stayed up all night building a checkpoint with the guys to keep terrorists from reaching our TOC with a bomb."

Dorothy - Glad your hunny was able call ya.
I remember being on cloud 9 when my hubby would call us. It’s like falling in love all over again.

rebecca - i’m so glad you were able to talk to your J! what a wonderful day 😀