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“Bored”: J. Called 16Aug06


Yay!  So, during Bible study today we were studying the section in the book on our "life’s work" and going over the verse "do everything without complaining."   As I was shrinking in my seat recalling my earlier whiney post, J. called.  Saved by the bell!

If you can believe this, he’s bored. (!?!) I guess they’re in a holding pattern until they are given a new task.  I told him that after months of danger and tough work with no rest he should welcome "bored" with open arms.  He said everyone thought they would until about Bored Day 4.  Whatever.  It’s buying my peace of mind for a while. 

J. mentioned that during the Big Move, the Team stayed with a batallion of Kurds they had previously trained.  It was neat to hear him talk about them with the same loyalty and friendship he would of his rugby brothers.  The Kurds (or "the Peshmerga" as they’re better known) gave them each one of their traditional uniforms; their garb is quite different than Arabs’ and is a reminder of their days as militia men (and women!). 

I realized that I’ve never posted any of the pictures they’ve sent us.  The two above are from a while back. The first is the air assault team they put together; the second is from their intial meeting with the Kurdish brigade and batallion commanders.  They look a little "mob-ish," don’t they?  But have you ever known the Godfather to hold hands with his posse? (Kurdish are very touchy-feely, much to J.’s chagrin)

rebecca - sweet relief! i’m so glad you were able to talk with J! in your case, his boredom is a wonderful thing 😀
although, i gotta say, how can you spend the day walking around with a machine gun in your hand and say “i’m bored”? crazy

Mother in law - When J was a little boy, he used to play for hours with his GI Joe men. Now he is living it. They were kept in his “man’s box” and are now put away so that the grandchildren can’t lose them. Do you think he will ever want to see them again?

**Crystal** - Are you KIDDING?!? He told me all about how much he loved his GI Joes and he assumed you gave them away at a garage sale! I KNOW he would love to see them again. He thought they were long gone…are you sure you still have them?

Darlene - I have heard stories of the “man’s box”. Isn’t it great how we can warm our hearts with all these sweet memories while he is so far away? I was missing the updates and changes on the blog. I checked it several times a day wondering what was going on. I find it is therapy for me and probably for most of us that read it. You are entitled to those “funks”. Just remember you have a lot of prayers for you and your little family. When you feel a “funk”, let us know, we can double up on the prayers and send cookies and cheesecake. Love you

Mom - in - law - I must confess that some of the very first men were sold at a garage sale which if a great regret for me. However, there is still a box full upstairs with a few star wars men contaminating it.