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Sew Domestic!


So our husbands are deployed and all of us have been meaning to get together to use our sewing machines.  Wine + sewing machine + friends = sew much fun! (and the puns just get cheesier…)  Bethany and Emily sewed while Sarah and I gave pointers and made a cake.  It all felt very "wifey" and domestic…and therapeutic. We’ll definitely be doing it again.



christina - I’d be lucky if I could cut a square that exactly… you guys have my utmost respect :)

Mom - I could do wine + friends, but wine + sewing?! I’d be at the ER with my fingers stitched together or at the very least a L-O-T of using the ol’ seam ripper from some very lopsided seams 😉
So are these wives whose hubbies are deployed with yours? Or just new friends from this deployment? Looks like a lot of fun!

**Crystal** - Well you have to drink in moderation, for heaven’s sake! They sipped on a single glass all night.
These are my friends whose husbands are in the airforce.

Mom - in - law - This must be a 21st century version of a quilting bee. When I was a little girl, my grandmother had all the women around come help quilt her quilt tops. They had a frame that hung from the ceiling and the women could sit around the frame and quilt. There was lots of fellowship, fun and gossip – lots of moral support thrown in to boot. Daylight was precious to farm wives, so even socializing had to be productive.

rebecca - oh how fun! i wanna come to the next one, k?! let me know a few weeks in advance to book a flight… you think they’ll let me put my machine in ‘carry on’? LOL
it’s great that you all had a fun night together – Lord knows you deserve it!!

Lacey - I agree, I think crafting is so theraputic also. I can’t wait to get sewing again.

Emily - Well, let me just say that I wish I could blame my crooked lines on the wine. Unfortunately, I’m just that bad at sewing!LOL. I’m the LEAST domestic wife in the world…poor Crystal…Thank you for your patience with me!! I had a blast! I’m definately up for it again!

Sarah - I had a blast baking the cake and I can’t wait to do it again. I might have to join in on the sewing this time around. Love ya girls!