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Happy 11,000 to Me…Greatest Hits

In honor of 11,000 page hits & 100 posts, I offer My Longest Year’s "Greatest Hits." Sidenote: My friend Sarah thinks you should be almost dead or 20 years into a successful endeavor before ever being arrogant enough to think someone cares about your autobiography in a movie (think Fantasia Barrino) or your Greatest Hits album (think Britney Spears), but go with me here…its JUST a silly blog.

My second most Googled search term: "Instructions for Pillowcase Dress": (the actual instructions for which, ironically, isn’t even MY link)

One of my most clicked on projects: picture of THIS Blanket (wha ?!?), which was one of my very first projects ever and there are so many things I would do differently in designing it now

My most clicked recipe: Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Third most Googled search term:"30th Bday" which leads to J’s Birthday Post

…and possibly the most frequent search term that leads to this blog…under Google’s Image search (drumroll, please):  "Tightroll Jeans!" (my husband is on the right – I’ll never get tired of showing this picture!)


Dorothy - Haha funny post!

Lacey - Congrats, the macaroni and cheese is fabulous!

rebecca - acid washed skinny-leg jeans! awesome!!
ahhhh the memories! what were we thinking? LOL!
how how how do you find out those stats of your page? i wanna do mine!! *pouty bottom lip

Mom - *haha* You really are cold, little girl… anyone out there want to see a picture of Crystal with the “mile-high bangs” look?? Or extremely sloppy saggy t-shirt look?? If so, email me! (Many more where those come from, btw!!) *heh heh*
(James, if you get to read this, say Thank You, Jan, for defending your youthful tastes 😉 !)

Susan Kern - Actually, I think I would like to see the pictures of C. with “big hair.” My 14-yr-old thinks the pictures of me are so funny.

Darlene - Jan, I think we all would love the pictures of Crystal. It’s only fair. She shares “Js'” with us. I look forward each day checking to seeing what the new posting is. Love you Crystal, Aunt Darlene