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Because It’s Only Fair…

Okay, I know you’re all curious.  So, to complement the "Tightroll Jeans" picture I posted of my husband, J., I am posting "Big Hair" (and am throwing in the GINORMOUS glasses and shirt for free).  Just add this to the list of reasons to hate high school – the annual documentation of your bad taste. Ugh. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who looked like this in high school – you cringe a little at your pics, too, right?)


Dorothy - Oh gosh it reminds me of my school picture. I need to find it and post.

Erin - Knowing you, you were probably the coolest and most in-style girl in school. That was high school? It looks like middle school. Hey the 80’s are coming back you should rethink that hairstyle!

Mom - Yes, that was high school–C. and her sister both had December b-days, and thus started school a year earlier (in California, and in New York) than they do here in Montana. Plus, if you dig out your high school photo, I’ll be you look much younger than you thought you were back then too! 😉
Know what? The year the girls wore their hair like this, I chuckled at them and said, “I cannot WAIT until you are old enough to be made fun of with these pictures…” Their reply? “WHATEVER……”
*big grin*
MY school photo with TRULY “big hair” (think: teasing into a near beehive!) at the same grade in school is absolutely horrendous!!
I’m proud of you, C… quite a bit of courage posting this without J. there making you do so 😉

**Crystal** - Yes, I was always the youngest in the crowd, and I tend to look young anyway. It was a pain back then. Not so much anymore.
As for the coolest? Um, no. But thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

stephanie - don’t worry- i had big hair too :) we were cute back then right? :) i bet it will come back in a few more years- everything does!

Georgia - Oh how I can relate! We didn’t do big hair, just big bangs. I actually had a classmate catch her puff (bangs curled into the stratosphere and then sprayed with half a can of hairspray to hold them up there!) on fire with a bunsen burner in chemistry class!
Oh, the memories.

Susan Kern - If you didn’t have big hair – you were the odd one! I could do without my Aqua Net back then. My 14-yr-old is actually wearing some of my clothes from high school. Weird!!

rebecca - LOL! you are a riot! i can’t believe you posted that – all in the name of fairness… hmmm, well, you are a better waman than me. i definitely would have left it with just the acid washed skinny pants!