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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Kitsch, anyone?

Found this group of fabric samples at the thrift store.  Not sure exactly how I’ll incorporate them into a project but I loved the colors and how kitschy the motif is!  Suggestions? <!– ckey="5E77DA4E" –>

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‘Tis the Season

It’s arrived.  No, not Christmas.  Fall. The season I have been waiting for for almost a year.  J. left for training and deployment in the fall of last year.  I have always thought that I would feel "over the hump" of this deployment when Summer was over, and the chaos that Fall brings filled up […]

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“I miss you terribly”: J.Called21Sep06

Army wives are well-trained: don’t bother your deployed husband with your (circle one) depressing/sad/emotional/upsetting  news/stories/feelings.  I have done my best to abide by all the unwritten rules governing Army wives.  But I slipped a little when he called.  Okay, I poured my heart out.  I told him about Paula, who gets a short email from […]

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For Miracle Baby

My friend Ginger just had her "miracle baby boy," Little J.  She and hubby call him Their Miracle because he is a premie – both Mommy and Baby had a very close call during delivery.   I am so thankful that both are alive and on the mend.  Ginger complained about everything male being trucks and […]

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A Prayer for Your Soldier

To post on your fridge…or your office, or nightstand, or wherever (mine is on the fridge; it’s there, in part, to remind me Whose he really is).  It’s included here as a pdf for print, or in html in case you can’t open it. Download A Prayer for Your Soldier

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