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Camo Booty Bag


A friend paid me to make this bag for her niece, who had admired Auntie’s booty bag.  Her niece had outgrown these Gap pants (camo is everywhere this season!);  I paired them with a pretty pale dotted purple fabric. 


Charm is in the details: I used d-rings and added a contrasting fabric tag behind them, and I included a matching gift card.  Gapbootydetails

And, finally, a couple obligatory pics of E., who loves to carry bags when given a chance.  She had fun posing for pics; I think she fancies herself a budding model (I promise I didn’t tell her how to stand – she’d never listen anyway).


Darlene - I believe you when you said you didn’t tell her how to pose. She is coming up on that
“2”. She will really have a mind of her own. She looks perfect for a model in training. My girls are jealous of the bags. They expect me to do the same for them. I should give it a try. Yours are just so good, I hate to see how mine would be. Keep the pictures coming. I love checking each day.

Dorothy - Love the bag and your lil model she is so cute. Everytime I see u have done another one it makes want to take a stab at it. I should go search the closet.

**Crystal** - Dorothy & Aunt Darlene – maybe I should do a tutorial on this? I’ve had several ppl ask me how they’re made. The tricky part is, all pants are constructed differently at the top, and I’m the kind of person that wants the lining to be slipped under the waistband so that it looks as tidy and professional as possible. (I’ve seen others where they sew the lining just below the waistline, then cover the raw edge with a piece of ribbon).
The other tricky part is taking into consideration the pants size. So far, I’ve found that the best sizes are pre-teen sizes, and 0,2,&4. Those are hard to find at the thrift store…

Dorothy - How about shorts? I don’t I’d have enough material from those shorts tho to make handles. But I did see on another pic of yours the one where u tied a belt thru the loops and then made a handle to match that. Now that u mentioned about the size I am not sure if it will work.
I did find a pair of overalls that I am gonna try and re-construct.

**Crystal** - Shorts could work. Yes, you’d have to pick an alternate fabric or solution for the handles, but it can look good.
Re: the size – there are things you can do to bring the size in a bit (like “box” the corners). Personally, I’m a fan of big bags, and they’re still very *in* – but you have to “make it work” so that it looks purposeful. See, all these little considerations are what make booty bags much more difficult to do than people think; I truly think everything out carefully and they are all one-of-a-kind.

Lacey - Love the Booty bag. As soon as I find the thrift store here, I am going to want the directions.

christi - Cute bag and even cuter little girl :)

Sarah - oh my goodness, she is too sweet with her little arms crossed. She makes me smile :)

Sarah - oh yeah, cute bag too, sorry lol