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‘Tis the Season


It’s arrived.  No, not Christmas.  Fall. The season I have been waiting for for almost a year.  J. left for training and deployment in the fall of last year.  I have always thought that I would feel "over the hump" of this deployment when Summer was over, and the chaos that Fall brings filled up my calendar once again. 

Hence, the banner change.  E. and I spent an afternoon this weekend counting and collecting (and dumping) acorns; it seemed like a fitting tribute to this milestone.

That was a good afternoon.

*Bloglines users: apologies in advance if tweaking the banner causes duplicate posts.

Dawn - Love the new banner…

Erin Beck - Love it to. 10 more days!!!!!! I’m so excited to come.

Mom - Beautiful banner. Don’t you just love oak and maple trees in the fall? I miss them so much living here in evergreen country :(
My own childhood memories are filled with collecting acorns and ironing pretty colored leaves between sheets of wax paper!
Love you guys ((hugs))

Susan - Great pictures. I really miss the change of leaves in the fall. In Texas, the leaves are either green or brown from the heat!

Dorothy - I love your new banner. I haven’t experienced FALL for a couple of yrs now and its my favorite season. It’s been getting a cooler here but I can’t wait to see all the colors changing and the leave falling.

Darlene - Love the new greeting. It’s beautiful. The only thing I would change? I would put those sweet little hands on it.

deb - Your new banner is lovely. Happy Fall.

Sarah - I love the new banner! The colors are perfect for the time of year, it’s my favorite as well. I was worried we would go from summer to rainy winter. I am eating up every minute of the fall breeze that is here for only a moment.

Phillip - Hey, nice photo! I also love the one of you opening the door to the package from James. It tells the story well!
I’ve got his photo/soldier spotlight hanging up in my office.
See you later!