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Monthly Archives: September 2006

I heart mail!

This came in the mail today.  My friend Lacey needed a new blog banner; I was looking for a knit belt in "winter white" for E.  Problem solved!   Isn’t it pretty?  She even sent along this little ball of yarn to thread around my toddler-sized d-rings (not easily available in Lacey’s current home of Korea).  […]

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Somber Morning

This morning I went to my new Bible study at PWOC, located at the main chapel on post.  As I walked in, I noticed that there were several soldiers lined up, apparently "practicing" for something. I wondered, is there a memorial today?  Military funerals and memorials are rehearsed to precision.  That thought alone made me […]

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Camo Booty Bag

A friend paid me to make this bag for her niece, who had admired Auntie’s booty bag.  Her niece had outgrown these Gap pants (camo is everywhere this season!);  I paired them with a pretty pale dotted purple fabric.  Charm is in the details: I used d-rings and added a contrasting fabric tag behind them, […]

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Grieving Today

Both a reminder and a prayer for the hurting : (Sung By ECEE & Salvation) God Cares for Us:  Billy Graham, 9/14/2001 PS: I will eventually have to delete this post to make room in my files.

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**Maj. Jill Metzger FOUND alive!!!**

I’ve introduced you to my Air Force friends Emily (see Sew Domestic #2 post below) and Sarah (2nd picture, far left).  Their husbands know Maj. Jill Metzger.  She has gone missing.  I can’t imagine how ill and nervous her family must be right now.  Please pray for their peace.  But even more, pray for hers. […]

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