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A Kurd-esque 29

Twentynine I had a great birthday, courtesy of my sweet, thoughtful husband and neighbors.  Everything about it was special.  J. surprised me with plans for a dinner party next door – Kurd-style (I call it "Kurd-esque" because it was as close to Kurdish as he could get). 

Scotty (one of the neighbors) hung streamers, then helped J with dinner while we waited for Sarah to arrive.  We had a delicious feast (pictures here), and even cake and candles (we had a good laugh about the upside-down 6; Sarah is resourceful like me).

J. has a hard time lying to keep a surprise and 24 hours earlier the neighbors were in the hospital with food poisoning. It was a real feat for everyone and a wonderful night for me. I felt blessed to have such loving people around me. 

Click to view my Kurdesque Bday Pics

Mom - Okay now, THAT is WAY cool! The boys threw the party and it even had a THEME! (By the way, Tony was bragging about you cooking dinner for his little girl last night, J…)

Darlene - So impressed with the guys. Sounds like it was a great evening.

Karen S. - I am so glad that you had a great birthday party. You so deserve it. Happy Birthday.

KBG - Happy Birthday (and 30 isn’t so bad).

stephanie - what a great way to celebrate your b-day! you’ll always remember this one :) my dh is still shocked i’m 29…but i think it’s by far my best year yet :) i hope your’s is as well!

Keri - Crystal – It looks like your birthday was alot of fun! Hope you had a great day.