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Everything, Interrupted


We were just one in the million households in Washington whose power went out suddenly last  Thursday night.  Friday, still no power – chore list immediately cut in half, and the few I could  do took twice as long.  We finished packing for our  trip to Tennessee by candlelight that night and woke up Saturday morning to a very chilly  house (this is E. staying warm).  We arrived to a much warmer Tennessee that evening.

I have a few things – crafty and thrifty – to show you soon.  I hope everyone is having a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Darlene - I want to go to Tennessee so bad to spend Christmas with the family. I must be with my mom. It is so very important to her and at 80 years old…My heart is in Tennessee with the family. Love you and have a wonderful Christmas.

Mom - So glad you made it to Tenn. safely, and hope you all have the merriest of Christmases being together again! Give my love to James’ parents 😉
Always, mom
ps. Can’t believe you managed to document your power-outage with pictures!! You really *do* come from my side of the family! haha

Susan - I hope you all enjoy Christmas with your family in Tennessee. I bet J’s family is sooooo excited to get to see everyone.