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For Her Little Piggies…(*ETA: links to patterns)


Meet my new crochet obsession – toddler maryjanes.  I used kitchen yarn (cotton) for added structure and durability.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a great selection for cotton yarn, and the few I have found are variegated.  Anyone have a favorite online yarn shop?  I made the first pair (pictured, above) for E.  I made this "sherbet swirl" pair  for her pseudo-cousin Em. (is it weird that I re-name the yarn?  and are we the only ones with cousins who aren’t actually blood-related?).  I am so  glad I learned to crochet – it was the perfect creative outlet on-the-go. 


*ETA: I modified and used the concepts I’d learned after attempts from several patterns.  My faves are the ones I listed as MaryJanes II, III, & IV.

Links of Interest:  MaryJanes I, MaryJanes II, MaryJanes IIIMaryJanes IV, Knit Baby MaryJanes

LauraJ - It’s too bad you don’t live in Canada, Bernat is a very great yarn company. Try Herschner’s online.


Andrea - Crystal,
I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for but this is the link to the sweetest little yarn store right down the street from me: I bought my mother-in-law, who is amazing at knitting and crocheting as well, some gorgeous bight pink variegated wool skeins and a soft pink cotton skein there as a Christmas present. She loved it. We always frequent that store when she comes to visit. She made Eve and I matching purple hats from the pattern you had a few posts back with some wool I purchased there. They have a quite large selection of cotton yarn for socks etc. and they are absolutely beautiful there. Hope it helps.

Dorothy - Oh GOSH those are SOOOO CUTE!!! H needs a pair of those! Did u make up your own pattern??
Check out Knitty Gritty Thoughts on my blog listing, she has some awesome yarns and I bet she can direct u to a good place.

stephanie - those are adorable!!!! can you post the pattern?

ariane - awww…I love those little piggies! I used to call my daughters feet the same…untill one day they grew into bricks…she can no longer fit the standard size shoe…now, she has baby bricks:o)
btw, where can I find the pattern?

suzy - PRECIOUS!!

ariane - I think you said you where looking for another cotton option?…have you looked at, they have a cotton in their brand for 2 bucks I think, and in many colors as well as verigated.
THanks for the pattern link.

deb - You are very tealented.
Happy New Year! May it be filled with crafting suprises, joy and family happiness.

rebecca - OMG! just look how far your crochet has come! awesome!!!!!

Gift of Green - No wait. THESE are my next crochet project! 😉