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Yearly Archives: 2006

My Scrappy Quilt (& Instructions)

Well, here it is, my millionth crafty, domestic project since J.’s deployment.  A friend is about to have a baby girl, so I bought a bunch of fabric and made this fluffy quilt – perfect as a floor throw when Baby starts to crawl. I’ve included my instructions for making a simpler version here: Download […]

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My New Year’s Resolution – Buns of Steel

One way to pass the longest year ever is with a specific goal.  Mine is to finally get fit and gain some muscle.  Specifically, I’d like to look like this lady (hey, one can dream).  Anyway, I bought Shape Magazine’s A Woman’s Guide to Weight Training (which came with a handy training log), read the […]

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Just a Tote Bag?

Since I’ve just started blogging, it wouldn’t be obvious but I have almost literally been crafting away the anxiety over my husband, J.’s, deployment.  I stay pretty busy, but I feel like the time spent without him has gone so s-l-o-w-l-y.  In an attempt to count down the time a little more quickly and keep […]

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The Black & Decker Husband-To-Go

Boy, how quickly I forget how many things a husband is handy for.  Tired of parking my car outside and one muddy lawn away from the house, I decided to move J.’s truck out of the garage and – surprise – it was dead.  Hm.  Will call handy looking neighbor to help. Ugh, that’s so…so…NOT […]

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Tonight I Cried.

The journal entry that kicked off my longest year: 13 Oct 05.  Tonight I cried. My husband is leaving for what I consider a pretty dangerous mission in Iraq.  He leaves tomorrow.  And I’m sick with worry.  As I made his favorite meal, he recorded his reading sessions and favorite songs with our baby girl, […]

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