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Yearly Archives: 2006

The Replacements: J.Called11Oct06

There was a comm blackout (sniff, sniff), but J. managed to call long enough to wish E. Happy Birthday and tell me that the Team’s replacements should be arriving soon.  Getting to talk about "the replacements" is always a bitter-sweet milestone for military wives.  On the one hand, it signifies being inches away from a […]

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Two: A Baby Book post

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETNESS!!! Things I can do: say "Please" and "Thank You" without prompting, put on my own shoes, put away silverware, pick up all my toys & books, read aloud, make the "Home Alone" face Likes: talking (to anyone/thing, including the wall), edamame, bananas, trains and cars, shoes (especially Mommy’s), balloons, reading out loud, […]

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Preview: Booty Bag Tutorial (*update at bottom)

We had a great time!  Pedicures, pottery painting, & a birthday party for E (pics to come).  It was a nice weekend.  I made two bags for Erin – the gift tote pictured below and a jean skirt purse I promised her ages ago (not pictured lest someone ask me to make them one!).  Both […]

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Someone is Coming to Visit…

An "Emily Tote" for my always-loyal (excuse the redundancy) friend Erin.  Erin has been my friend since the first deployment, just months after marrying J.  During the second deployment, she watched me fall apart when J. was forward deployed in the initial "storming of Iraq" in March 2003.  I remember fretting in her office and […]

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Tortellini Soup Recipe

One of my wedding gifts from my Mom (and family/friends) was a two-box collection of recipes put together by those beloved family and friends.  I hadn’t used them too often until a couple of months ago, when I realized that my neighbor was getting home too late to prepare anything, and I didn’t like cooking […]

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