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Monthly Archives: January 2007

valentine maryjanes

Why can’t I do anything right the first forty-fifth time?  I wanted to make a pair of valentine-themed mary janes. I’ve made a few pair already; this should have been simple enough.  But it wasn’t.  First try: too tube-like.  Second try: way too big.  Two more tries later – a perfectly-shaped and sized mary jane!  […]

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a post that matters

It’s so easy to forget.  That’s what I hated about this country while J. was deployed.  No one seemed to realize how real all of this war was (is) to so many people.  For most, its a debate – an argument to win.  For some of us, it’s a way of life.  I was so […]

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les fetes qui what?

The sun came out this week, thankgoodness.  I should have been sewing this work-in-progress (to be a valentine quilt for E.): But, instead, I went on a sunny drive to visit this magazine at Borders:  Yes, I "visit" craft magazines because they’re pricey and I am usually only inspired by one or two projects.  I […]

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drawstring bag tutorial

As promised, here it is – a simple drawstring bag tutorial; email me if you have questions. This is a really great first sewing project; they’re easy, practical AND versatile – as recycle-able gift bags, travel accessory bags, storage…The ones pictured above are going to two little boys for their craft-things. The sun is finally […]

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sweet little victories

These little bags represent a my small victory for today.  I have not been myself this week, and am finding it difficult to enjoy much of anything.  It’s a mood I battle from time to time, usually under a lot of stress, currently compounded by the forty-twelve days of gloomy weather this state is known […]

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