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By Request

From time to time I get requests for custom gifts from readers and friends. I take such requests because I really enjoy making things for people.  So far, none of my sewing projects are from patterns and everything is entirely custom and unique.  So, like most crafters, I work best with very loose parameters.  The result is more inspired. 

This package was custom-made for a reader who needed a gift for a baby (boy) shower.  I dug into my stash and pulled out a pair of thrifted J Crew corduroys, some gingham, and this kiddie print.  The tote is made from a pant leg and pocket I reclaimed from the seat, and I used a stencil I found on Martha’s site for the applique.  The travel changing pad is appliqued to match. 



While sewing, I happened to notice this abandoned project – a crochet beanie I had finished but wasn’t exactly awed by.  That’s when I realized the green wool felt I had just purchased on a whim would complement it nicely.  A couple of stitches later, it was a (very) bonus gift!


Keri - And I will say this gift was a HIT!! It was hard to give it as a gift. I wanted to keep it for myself!!! :)

Erin Beck - I am a dear friend and a devoted reader. Baby # 2 is due in May so Diaper bag would be a great gift(still waiting on the sex), can be unisex though. Also I have a good friend who also has become a devoted reader so she would like some sewing lessons when you come to visit(she loves the lounge pants). Gotta love us!

LauraJ - Happy New Year! if I haven’t said it already! Lovely beanie! Does this come in adult size? The tote bag is marvelous!

**Crystal** - My dear friend, Erin – I should have clarified that I take custom, paid requests. :)

Andrea - You do beautiful work!