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sweet little victories


These little bags represent a my small victory for today.  I have not been myself this week, and am finding it difficult to enjoy much of anything.  It’s a mood I battle from time to time, usually under a lot of stress, currently compounded by the forty-twelve days of gloomy weather this state is known for.  I never know how long it will take to get back to "normal," but I’ve learned the best way through it is to refuse the urge to wallow, and just press on.

So, today I sewed.  I didn’t want to.  But I did.  Cute, aren’t they?  Drawstring bags are my current organizing staple of choice (well, that and my Dymo labeler). The night before E.’s second birthday, I was gathering the party supplies and realized I’d forgotten goody bags for the pinata.  I didn’t want to go back out, so I did what any overachiever would do at 9:30 PM – I "whipped up" 13 drawstring bags.  Yes, I know that’s a little overboard – but remember, I prefer overboard.  Anyway, I later wound up using E.’s bag to keep all her socks together in her dresser, and a friend of mine used them to organize her kids’ toys in the van.  Recently, I found these charming little wooden planes and cars in the craft section of Walmart and I took home a gaggle of them.  But they keep getting lost in the toy box.  Solution: drawstring bag.

I stained the ribbon with coffee, and found the vintage clip art online:


This is a good sewing-newbie project, and the result is both sweet and practical.  I’ll type up a tutorial this weekend. 

I hope the sun comes out.  Thank God for sunny toddlers.

Links of interest:  Karen’s [Vintage] Whimsy, Vintage Clip Art, MissMary (some free graphics), Vintage Dolls & Children

Lacey - I have always wanted to make a drawstring bag. Of course you will have to make a tutorial. How did you print of the vintage photo on fabric? Great job!