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les fetes qui what?

The sun came out this week, thankgoodness.  I should have been sewing this work-in-progress (to be a valentine quilt for E.):


But, instead, I went on a sunny drive to visit this magazine at Borders: 


Yes, I "visit" craft magazines because they’re pricey and I am usually only inspired by one or two projects.  I prefer to sketch a note to myself about the project, and save the money and space on my shelf.  This magazine is different.  Unfortunately, it’s in french.  I can’t understand a bit of it – a total bummer because they have instructions for all 9 million projects featured in the magazine and I’m left to guess by "reading" the pictures.  After my fourth weekly pilgrimage to Borders, I broke down and bought it.  And can you blame me?  It’s like this magazine was put on the shelf just for me

I am going to try this crown – some stiffened batiste and maybe a little embroidery as embellishment?  What do you think?


Talk about inspiration – four or five pages of just bags!:


I love crafted bitty shoes, and really appreciate the simplicity of these. They remind me of Heather Bailey’s Bitty Booties pattern:


I heart this magazine.  I just wish I could read it. 

KBG - I would have totally been in love with that magazine as well. The crown is a super cute idea and I can’t wait to see pictures of the quilt (not that I don’t have enough to do right now….).

Lacey - I love the fabric for the quilt.

Debbie Jones - I just came across your blog and had to comment. I also love this magazine and got a subscription. I dont read or speak french, but I have managed to make a few things that were similar by looking at the pictures. There is just nothing like it in our country, so go ahead indulge yourself. something wonderful will come out of it. debbie

Zabrina - I wish I could put my hands on this mag too, but unfortunately I did not see around here, I would like to take a look before purchase it. I can understand a little bit of french, but don’t think will be enough to read the tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

Jen - I feel your pain. I picked up the March issue while in Barcelona and I guess I’m going to be doing some online translation.

Valerie - Hey guess what, Crystal ? life’s unfair = I can read it !!! LOL — I’m sure you’re going to get more familiar with the French language this year ! 😉
PS : how much do they sell it in the US ?