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two are better than one


My mom sent these lovely "Mommy and me" aprons she made for Valentine’s day (she also included an embroidered reversible smock).  I joke with my mom about how she does everything in "twos."  She didn’t just send J. one Iraq war scrapbook (in a 3-inch binder) when he came back from his first tour; she sent two (I think she printed literally every war article she found; we’ll be grateful for all that history some day).  She didn’t send one wand/feather boa/princess crown set for E. last month; she sent two.  And she didn’t send E. just one vintage reproduction child’s cookbook for Valentine’s Day:


Mom has a theory that she does this out of habit – she raised two daughters, and was always buying two versions of everything.  Maybe that’s it.  Or, maybe she’s a little like me and can’t just choose between two great things.  Fine by me, since I had seen these at the bookstore and didn’t buy one because I couldn’t decide which I liked best.  Any one else suffer the same problem of over-analyzing every little purchase?  I can’t tell you how many minutes-turned-hours I spend at Target trying to make up my mind about simple things like a magazine (is it worth 4.99?) or a pack of socks for E. (ankle or crew?) . And heaven forbid I find a great sweater in two great colors.  Maybe I do this because I’m a perfectionist and hate the idea of picking the wrong thing.  Or maybe I still feel a little lost after leaving the traditional working world, and this is my way of feeling productive.   

Anyway, E. isn’t old enough to follow the recipes, but she loves books and found the cookbooks intriguing:


And after our little "photo shoot" (you know, taking forty-ten pictures to get one or two good ones), E. snuggled up with me on the floor:


Lacey - When I find a really good purchase that I know that I will love, I usually buy one in every color.

stephanie - i spend HOURS thinking about, planning for, analyzing and then arranging the kids christmas presents. my dh doesn’t believe me- but i can literally spend a hours in front of the same shelf staring at and thinking about the toys. (not with kids in tow of course!)
this past year i went out the day after thanksgiving and spent 13 hours shopping- i went to 3 stores…then after i made the purchases i must have rearranged the toys 6 different times categorizing them and evaluating if i have purchased fairly for both boys. i just love toys. i love the packaging, the colors, the possibilities for play..and i love envisioning how the kids will react to it. i can never have enough toys i guess!
i rarely ever buy anything for me because i really don’t come across much that excites me enough to buy it- but toys i can’t resist!!!!!! and i too am worried about getting the best value for my money! we have a budget and i stick to it religiously- so since i want to spoil my kids ROTTEN on christmas i have to be very careful about choosing the BEST, most exciting toys i can within our budget! my kids don’t even realize it now i’m sure- but they will someday (i hope) and they will see it as a sign of my love that i put so much thought and effort into choosing their playthings! :)
i have been cleaning out the house lately to sell it and i did not realize how MANY great toys they have! we have stored most of them in our shed for now and it’s like a big toy barn! :)

julie (jane's apron) - I’m like you on the spending/thinking…I think my thrift store shopping has given me a warped (or correct?) sense of what things are worth. Also had to post and let you know we have the ‘boys and girls’ cookbook…so cute and it blends in with the other vintage books in my kitchen.

Amy - Um, yeah. I own two copies of The Joy of Cooking. Because I couldn’t decide between the new and updated version and the older version with a spiral binding. I love me a spiral bound book. Really, though… what was I thinking?

rebecca - as if the aprons aren’t cute enough…. the picture!!! oh my gosh!!! what an excellent gift 😀