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thrift score

I was on my way out of the thrift store when I decided to do a "sweep" of the store to make sure E. hadn’t dropped anything.  That’s when I found this on a quick glance down the book aisle:


Yay!!! This 1964 children’s party book is awesomely vintage and still so much fun!  It provides a thorough catalog of games divided by type (guessing games, games of skill, hunts, relay races, games for the youngest, and for older children):


It includes party themes, complete with game list and recipes, like this "Spacemen’s Party":


And there are lots of little party-planning notes, including a page on how to include your child in the planning, the best time of day to have it depending on age group, and an entire section on adapting a party for disabilities.

And the graphics are too cute.  In fact, it’s one of E.’s new favorite books:



I wish you could flip through this book yourself.  The games are creative and the descriptions are quite detailed.  I love that they have several games that don’t require any materials at all.  But then I started thinking: do people do these kind of parties anymore?  Would today’s 11-year-old mind being rounded up for an old-fashioned party game?


*ps.  Thank you very much for all the sweet comments about the sweater tote.  I don’t always get to respond to comments individually but I do always appreciate them.

Amy - So cute! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy a party like this. On the other hand, I definitely don’t want her to grow up any faster than she is! Great find.

Sarah Jane - Oh I think that’s the book my mom had when my sisters and I were growing up…whoa, bringing back the memories. I loved looking through it – getting ideas for my next birthday party!

julie (jane's apron) - ohh…I LOVE the book…just my style. Lucky girl!

Julie - What a cool book! I am in the processing of planning my daughter’s b’day party (she’ll be 3 in May) so have been looking through tons of party books. We’ve narrowed it down to either a Dora party or a Princess party! Sounds like you had a productive shopping day! Take care!

charlotte lyons - we had this book….passed it on recently but loved the art and ideas too. perfect for your little E. xoC

Stephanie - WOW, what a great find!!

rebecca - what a perfect book! you do realize that you have started a frantic search on ebay for all of your readers, right?
we’re gearing up for a pirate-themed party for my soon-to-be 5y/o. if this book has great ideas for this… please share 😀