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Monthly Archives: February 2007

i broke the meme

I’m dedicating this post to my inability to do anything simply. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what a meme is (or how to pronounce it – it seems like one of those words that could get away from you – "memememememe"), and I’ve been stumped by the word ever since I entered blogland.  But I […]

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the day they met

I love everything about this photograph of Nana and Grandpa – that it’s black and white, that it’s such a candid moment, that Grandpa is wearing a suit and Nana a skirt – for a day at the park…but what I really, really love about this photo is that it was taken the day they […]

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one, belated

I am so behind all the time.  Sometime last month I passed the one year anniversary of this blog.  This place – my little nest – has been my place for creativity, show-and-tell, therapy, and friendship.  Thank you for all your visits – for sharing bits of your own life (and blogs) with me, for […]

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a concert for E.

[I know, it’s another Toddler E. post – bear with me here; I’m having fun] Until my mom mentioned it, I’d almost completely forgotten I was once a violinist.  And it dawned on me that E. would probably love it. I played her favorite songs, several classical pieces, and two simple Irish jigs.  She danced […]

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is there anything cuter?

Her little chef hat is courtesy of our mini-swap partner family – two little boys who sent her trucks and cars and books and stickers (thanks, Stephenie & sons)!  E. is usually stuck to my legs begging for something while I cook dinner, so tonight I asked for her help instead of trying to shoo […]

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