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Monthly Archives: March 2007

The Perfect Run

Thanksgiving Day dawned a nasty gray in our area.  It was windy, cold, and rainy.  Growing up in New England this was nothing new, but here in the southern states it is usually sunny and to me unseasonably warm.  After sitting around the breakfast table with H’s family for a good portion of the morning, […]

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a happy 31, even if makeshift

Poor J.  We haven’t been together for most of his birthdays.  Last year, his Big 30, he was sweating under the hot Iraqi sun, digging up a weapons cache for weeks with Iraqi soldiers.  I did send a "party-in-a-box" (brownie cake, pics of him as a kiddo, a video from his childhood, and cigars) to […]

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a reader’s choice day

In an effort to distract myself for a bit, I took your suggestions and made plans for the day.  I had been meaning to take E. to the Hands-On Children’s Museum, so it was a perfect start.  We enjoyed the boat and water table, the lentil table, the mini-kitchen, and the garden, where E. harvested […]

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I’m still here, barely

Things are stressful and I’ve been incubating.  J. attends a hiring conference in a couple of weeks that may determine the course of our life after Army.  No pressure or anything. I’m tired.  Pooped.  Anxious.  A little depressed.  And the house looks like this everywhere: It’s a tough thing, this transition.  I never thought I’d […]

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tweet tweet

Last weekend was eventful and somewhat stressful.  On Saturday, I woke up to a hideous flapping noise in the wall behind the stove.  Turns out, it was a bird trapped in the wall.  It took 12 hours, a million franctic calls to every pest and critter person in town, some creative problem-solving and lots of […]

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