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inspired by pixie stix

(Or "Mini Swap, Continued")

**EDIT:  For some really cute pics of Claire in her mini apron (and play mitt), go here.


Doesn’t it look like candy?  Sweet Tarts, or my favorite – Pixie Stix?  I remember making my own version of pixie stix as a kid – a kool-aid packet and cup of sugar in a sandwich bag. 

You might recognize some of the fabric from the oven mitt I made a while back, part of the mini apron swap package I sent to Claire.  This was the apron I made for Claire, Lauri’s six-year-old who loves orange (and hates periwinkle; I love the fact that a six year old uses such a specific name for a color).  I used this tutorial, and made up my own dimensions, also adding interfacing to the waistband.  I packed a few goodies, fabric scraps and several fun recipes – Baked Apples, Milkshake, and Cinnamon Chips.

Cinnamon Chips:

4 Flour Tortillas

Spray Butter

1/2 c. Sugar

2 T. Cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix cinnamon and sugar and set aside.  Cut the flour tortillas like a pizza, into 8 pieces each.  Lay out on cookie sheet, alternating directions of each piece to fit as many as possible on the sheet (/ / / /).  Spray the tortillas, then sprinkle sugar mixture over top.  Bake in oven for 7-10 minutes.

LauraJ - THAT is too cute! It’s an apron right? It would make a lovely skirt!

Amy - I looooooove it! So girly but in a non-princessy way which is cool. I’m going to check out that tutorial. Great package!

julie (jane's apron) - That’s such a cute apron…and it looks like it might be something I can sew…will have to add that one to my list!

The NON-Superwoman - Absolutely adorable!