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look at you, girl


A few months ago I panicked.  E. was getting bigger.  And bigger.  Everyday.  She just wouldn’t stop growing already.  And I realized she wasn’t my baby anymore.  So I did what any rational person would do: I hired a photographer to come out and capture her little features before she grew out of it all.

If you live in Washington state, I highly recommend Abie Wolfe Photography.  She was awesomely patient, and I love her work.  And anyone who knows how freak-control-ish I am about photography and anything artistic can appreciate that this woman was patient.

Climbing down from the bed is serious work (I love her serious faces): 


I love how her feet get twitchy when she’s happy, as she was here reading aloud:


I love her little cheeks and eyelashes (I’m so jealous of her long lashes):


Twirling her hair – an "I’m tired" tell.


I have been wanting a formal portrait of her for a while now.  All it took was a little zoning out to a Dora video on portable dvd player and we got several like this:


Dorothy - So cute!

lara - wow, those are some GREAT pictures! she’s adorable. :)

KBG - Those are really adorable!

LauraJ - suuuuhhhh-weet!!

AFrecruiter'swife - Gorgeous! I am sure she will love them when she gets older, as will you.

Zabrina - Oh, so pretty!!! Lovely pics!

keri - Crystal – the pics are really beautiful. E is gorgeous.

Amy - So beautiful!

Felicia - What a cutie pie. Money well spent on those photos!

Karen - She is so beautiful…great pictures…treasure it always..Thanks for sharing.

Christine - She is so precious!!! Just in reading your blog over the past 4 or 5 months she seems to have grown up soooo much! Good call to get these great pics!

MIssy - AWWW! I love the one of her little feet while she’s reading… nuthin is more precious than a toddler with a story book!

charlotte - Yes, the photos are so wonderful…love that last portrait! Sweet little E!