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Monthly Archives: May 2007

love, multiplied

A while ago I was marveling at how much joy my little E. is.  She really is an amazing kid.  And I find myself so full of love for her I wondered how I could love another as much.  You all wrote to say that somehow your heart just grows, and the love multiplies.  We […]

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getting ready for southern living

So, a week ago the Army stop-lossed J.  That means the Army basically said, "we’re not letting you out after all."  Not a surprise.  Just a monkey-wrench.  A big, stressful monkey wrench.  J. has wised up about these Army kinks and has discovered it’s better to not tell me until the issue is resolved – […]

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Vaya con Dios

May 22, 1999.  Exactly one year after her high school graduation.  I didn’t know that.  That the day she died, the last day of her freshman year in college, was exactly a year to the day she had graduated high school.  So it shocked me a little when Lora’s youth minister re-read her high school […]

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we. are. fa.mily.

verklempt: [Yiddish]  overcome with emotion This is how I felt last week as I read all of your comments for me.  Thank you so very much.  I was so crunched for time preparing for my trip to North Carolina that I wasn’t able to respond to all of you with a personal email.  But each […]

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I dream of decorating…

Quick, I need your advice, thoughts, help, suggestions, REGRETS… Tomorrow I leave E. for five days while I am in North Carolina looking for a house.  Our first.  I really can’t wait to finally be somewhere long enough to own a home.  And I can’t wait to make it mine – my choice of paint, […]

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