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A while ago I was marveling at how much joy my little E. is.  She really is an amazing kid.  And I find myself so full of love for her I wondered how I could love another as much.  You all wrote to say that somehow your heart just grows, and the love multiplies.  We will be finding out for ourselves sometime in November, as J. and I are expecting Amazing Kid #2. 

The timing would be better if we were more settled, for sure.  I guess we just figured with all the change in our life, why not just add one more to the pile?  I reached the height of my nausea and anemia while J. was marathon-interviewing for jobs.  Hence, the cluttered house and depression.  And while my recent posts regarding my thoughts on politics, the military life, etc, are truly genuine, pregnancy probably does account for it moving me to tears every time I write about it.

I’ve been labeling, organizing, and purging to deal with all the change and prepare for the move.  But I still can’t help myself when I find small vintage and handmade treasures, like the bibs pictured above that were handmade by a group of seniors at a small consignment shop downtown, or this vintage child’s teacup I found at a going-out-of-business sale:


And just as we shed layers of stuff in the garage, I found myself filling it back up again, most recently with an antique chest (on major sale), antique dresser (also on major sale), and this jenny lind changing table I found at Goodwill for $15.  These are all going to be my summer projects – so watch for them to pop back up on the blog. 


I’ve recently started to feel the baby kick (even as I write this).  It makes me smile.  I’m starting to understand what you mean about loving the next as much as the first…

p.s.  Speaking of things that make me smile, I still remember packing away E.’s baby gear in boxes, and looking up on the garage shelf to see my husband’s sweet handwriting on the boxes:


Hope - Congrats!

Lara - yay! so wonderful! that makes THREE bloggers i read now pregnant! i’m so excited for everyone. :)

stephanie - WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!! i’m so happy for you! having 2 kids is so fun!

Susan - Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you all.

Dawn - So happy for you all! Yay!!

deb - You cannot see me = but I am smiling for you. How exciting. Your teacup is adorable.

keri - Congrats to you, J & E on your upcoming arrival!

Dorothy - Aww Congrats!! E is gonna love having a lil brother or sister.

The NON-Superwoman - WooHoo Wishing you all the best! I’m still in the midst of my height of anemia and nausea. Baby #2 is just as exciting as #1

Karen - Congratulations! You truly are blessed :)

Andrea - Yay! I am so excited for you all – what a blessed child to be in your family! I am still having morning sickness and am looking forward to the 2nd trimester very much. So, so happy for you all! Enjoy every moment – I love having 2, tons of fun!!

KBG - Congrats! The joy definitely doubles. The work, however? Somehow that manages to grow exponentially with each child…

Kelly - That last picture? The one with ‘Next Baby’ on it? I love it, so full of hope with out even intending to be that.
Congratulations! You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, and you seem to be handling it all with aplomb. Enjoy the patter of those feet, inside…

charlotte - OOOOOOOOOOOOO, I was hoping that was what was happening! Wondering if it was your hormones, but didn’t want to pry. That last line, the handwriting, the sentimental hopefulness of your dear man. Now it’s me in tears. Too sweet, so happy for you all. xoC

Jill Pettis - Congratulations! What a wonderful season of new beginnings God has for you. Yes, you can love the second every single bit as much!