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almost goodbye


J. cleared CIF.  I mean, he turned in all of his equipment and managed to not get charged $3 million and four dollars. It’s funny: I’ll kinda miss using acronyms as a second language.  LES, OER, DTY, BAH, CONUS, COLA, FOB (well, okay, don’t miss that one).  I have to keep reminding myself we’ve made the best decision for our family at this point in our lives.  The other day we were sifting through J.’s papers and reminiscing about all our adventures.  He found an identification record he was assigned before going to Iraq this last time.  Talk about creepy.  A piece of paper with personal identifying information about him that was the only thing Delta Force or Special Ops would have to confirm his identity should they be called in to rescue him from a kidnapping (apparently MITT teams are more susceptible than larger units).  There were spaces for them to  fingerprint him should he be found dead.  That brought me back to reality a little.

The movers come in a little while. People sifting and sorting through all my things.  It’s so uncomfortable for me.  Anyone else get like that?  I walk around like an anxious twit just wishing everyone would put the stuff down

When I get crabby like this I remind myself of all my blessings (this is a grounding exercise for me), so here goes: My husband is alive and well.  We have a beautiful, really cool kid.  I’m preggo with another cool kid (I’m assuming the baby will be pretty cool, since he or she is ours).  J. found a great job.  We’re moving to warm weather.  I have very supportive friends and neighbors who I love and will miss, but feel grateful for having known.  God has always taken care of me, and I don’t think he’s going to quit now.  And my husband is alive and well (it’s worth repeating).

And you have all been kind and supportive, which is very cool.  I wish I had more time right now to email everyone that stops in.  Just know I read your comments and love them.         

Karol - Always enjoy reading your blog. I grew up in a military family and can understand all of your concerns in beginning a new life. I moved to NC about 7 years ago and we are really enjoying it. The weather is wonderful and the people are terrific. Hope your move is smooth and pleasant.

KBG - Good luck with the move. I do hope that your last move will be a good one and set you off on a good start!

keri - I was like that w/the movers & I only went through 2 moves. (I hope nothing gets broken!!)Enjoy the last few days before you embark on a new adventure. Hoping things go smoothly for you.

Dorothy - This is way off topic but maybe u can help. A girl on Cinc is looking for the cooling scarves I know I remember u post about them a while back. Maybe u can find it faster than me. U need a search feature on your blog haha.

Crystal - Here it is, Dorothy. You can also make them. Will look for those links, too.

Leslie - I have been reading your blog for some time now. I enjoy reading it. I wasn’t a miltary kid growing up but I did live in an army community in SC during VietNam era. Majority of my frieds were military kids whose fathers fought in that war, so I feel I do connect to some degree with your thoughts and feelings. I pray that you and your family will love where ever you are heading. I look forward to reading about it. I know you’ll make a great neighbor. And yes God will NOT quit on you now or ever!

stephanie - i HATE the trasition phase too. HATE it. we sold our house (yay!) but that means we have to move out in 2 weeks. all very quick. i remind myself of my blessings all the time too- but it doesn’t change the facts that transition and starting over again is HARD. all i can think of is how much i will miss this PLACE. until i get a new routine and a new PLACE i will be uncomfortable. and i hate all the boxes. to see your whole life in boxes is very depressing. i totally understand. good luck! and i’m so glad your whole family is alive and well and moving on to good things. :)

Christine - How did I miss the preggo news? I must have read a few posts too quickly. Congrats on that mommy again!!! Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible.