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it takes a village




Tuesday my friend Lacey painted her toenails.  Thursday, Emily helped her learn to eat squeeze-yogurt.  And for the past year and a half, Sarah and Scottie have been like aunt and uncle to her.  Maybe it’s luck that such a compatible couple moved in next door a year and a half ago.  I think it’s a blessing.  Children are meant to be raised with family.  Lots of it.  Yet, as a military family, we never lived in the same town as family and close friends.  Sarah and Scottie have been extended family. They’ve made her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, showed her how to treat puppies, and they know her bedtime routine as well as J. and I – down to the prayer we recite to her every night.  They even have a few rituals of their own.

So today, watching E. play "airplanes" (Scottie is an Airforce pilot) and garden with Sarah was bittersweet.  Sarah has been on the verge of tears all day.  So have I.  It’s been special living next door to them.

We’ll miss you.


(on Sarah & Scottie’s doorstep)

Shawn - Oh my goodness, this post made me tear up. They sound like the sweetest couple.

Shanna - oh i got teary too! my little one said “oh, that’s sad”.

Mom - Made the old lady cry too ((sniff!)) (Really brought back memories of our saying goodbye to Starla and her family in Alden, New York, July 1986.) Safe travels, my sweet children… and may God richly bless Sarah & Scottie as well.

Lara - i’m sorry you have to part, but i’m sure there are good things in store for you all. and hopefully you can visit on an occasional vacation, and the time together will be all the sweeter. they sound like just wonderful people to have in your “family”.

tanaya - The last thing I need right now is MORE TEARS! :)
I’m feeling your pain, as we’re moving next week. Opportunities and travel and new adventures are exciting, but saying goodbye is never easy.

Sarah - We miss you guys already! As a result, I have been crabby and over emotional towards Scotty for the past few days…he REALLY wants you guys to come back. :) I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. I count you guys as a blessing and I can’t wait to see you again. Maybe I’ll make a trip to see you guys while I am in Georgia. Give little “E” lots of kisses and hugs for me!