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we’re here!


You just don’t know how important the letter "t" is to language until you have to use a library computer with a sticky keyboard that requires literal pounding to eek out the "t".  So I hope you can all appreciate how much work (and muscle) is going into this brief post.

Anyway, we’re here (in NC, that is).  I don’t have a computer, and probably won’t for over a month. I’m able to use the library’s internet, but I won’t be able to post any new pics.  And posts without pics aren’t much fun. A total bummer, because I have so much to say and show you! There is a slim possibility that J.’s new work laptop will have wireless access, so check back!  The best way to know when I am able to blog more steadily again will be to plug into your favorite feedburner (I use

It was definitely sad to leave Washington – and particularly sad to leave our neighbors, Scottie and Sarah.  Our good friends Lacey and Geoff from our first duty station happened to arrive in Washington just two weeks before we left, so they have moved into our former house.  I introduced Lacey to Sarah and charged them with taking care of each other in my absence.  In particular, I was concerned that Sarah have a "tea and coffee" friend (we popped over to each other’s house to vent or rant over a cup of coffee quite frequently).  I made it official by gifting them these matching coffee mugs from Starbucks.  They’ve got a Wafflehouse diner-quality about them that I love (the mugs, not Lacey and Sarah). 

Until next time…!

Sarah - Tooo funny. Although I am not to good for Waffle House, I hope I dont have a diner quality to me, haha, that made me laugh so hard. Good to see a new blog! I feel for you with the sticky keyboard, that is such a pain. I am greatful for your typing stamina, I ejoyed reading :)

charlotte - glad you are there and ready to take on all the new and exciting parts of your world! hoping soon it’s a new girlfriend with a little one E’s age…maybe with one on the way too. perfect! xoC

Leslie - Warmest welcome from a neighbor in SC! Hope you’ll love your new home and the southern hospitality!

Erin - I remember Lacey, how funny that she’s in your now ‘old’ house. We’ll have to enjoy the blog now because once the 2nd baby comes things change. Well you can do what I’m doing stay up a little later to email and catch up. We are planning on stoping to see you on our way to or from Sunset Beach. Looks like your on our way! Glad you are closer to us now!

Shawn - What a thoughtful gift and I’m glad you made it there safely. Already have you on my bloglines so photo or no photo I’ll be sure not to miss a post. :)

Kelly - Glad you survived the move, and hope NC proves to be as homey for you as Washington.