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hotter than heck for troops

This post has nothing to do with my life as of now, but a fellow blogger recently asked about these links and I thought I would share.  We aren’t in the Army anymore, but I’m still aware of all they go through.

Obviously, J. is no longer in Iraq, but I do remember this is the time of year that is freakishly hot for troops out there – particularly those who have to travel.  There are some remedies for this, and if you’re the crafty type, this is a cool thing you can actually make for your soldier: cooling neck ties.  I suggest using old uniforms for the material.   You can also buy them.

I referenced them here in an old post:

You can also buy special liners for your soldier’s helmet, which I referenced here:  If you decide to buy one of those, call customer service to confirm they fit the newest helmets.

Personally, I think J. would have preferred the helmet liner (apparently tying a bandana around your neck may keep a soldier cool, but might make him look a little less-than-tough), but he got to the point that he didn’t care and wound up using the bandanas we sent.

Darlene - So awesome you are still so concerned for our troops. I am not surprised but just wanted to say it. Hope all is well and you get settled in soon. Love reading this weekly. Love you all

Becky - They have these at Wal Mart now….less than $3.