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in limbo

I am a big fan of lists, and I don’t have much time, so here goes:

  1. There are bows everywhere here (I remember this from living in Nashville) – on purses, shoes, little girls…
  2. I miss my friends and my routine and my neighbors.  Terribly.
  3. I actually used the phrase "in a bad way" to describe an ailing family member the other day.  How quickly we become Romans.
  4. We’ve bought a house.  It will be a couple of months before we can move in.  Two more months in a tiny apartment.  I’m going slightly looney.
  5. You can buy a gallon of sweet tea at McDonald’s.  Can you believe that?  I bought mine at the drive-thru.

Anyway, this town is (to me, anyway) a small one.  So it’s a little bit different kind of South than Nashville, Tennessee.  There are both pros and cons to that. I’m still adjusting.  I think it’s going to take a while…

Until next time…

Sarah - I just sent an email with advice on buying a new house, ha ha, I guess it’s too late. I am so very excited for you! It’s worth the long, almost suffocating wait. Your good at waiting anyways, after all, your blog is My Longest Year (in waiting). I know you will breeze through the time.
I hope you have another baby girl so you can put all of those little southern bows to use. Although, I think in the south they put bows on boys too. That’s just mean.
I love ordering a gal. of sweet tea via southern drive thru window, haha! The things I have forgotten while living…NOT in the South. :( I miss it terribly. It is a lot cheaper to make it yourself if you have a stove top and a pot. I can’t believe all that time as neighbors and I didn’t show you how. I am sure you already know though, it’s not rocket science.
We miss miss miss you guys more than you know. We think of you often.

Darlene - How lucky you are to have such wonderful friends all over this great land of ours. You are blessed. Take this time to relax and enjoy life because in a couple of months, you will have your hands full getting ready for this new baby in a new house and all that goes with moving and babies. I love reading this blog.
Love you all and miss you too. I really miss Tennessee too. I didn’t realize just how much until we were there the first of the month. Can’t wait to read your blogs and feel like I am back in Tenneessee and all that Tennessee talk.

Lara - best of luck to you, crystal. i hope the two months in the apt. doesn’t drive you too crazy, and that you adjust to the strangeness of the south. :)

susie - Gotta love McD’s sweet tea! I love that you can get a large tea for $1! Welcome back to the South! I grew up in Georgia, and when I became an army bride and flew to Anchorage, AK the day after my wedding, I thought I would never adjust. Then, after 4 years, we moved back to Georgia, and I thought the same thing. Everything was in slow motion! I also remember missing our friends terribly! Such is life in the military, but I still fondly remember times we had with other young couples we met there and often wonder where they are today. Best wishes on your new adventure!

charlotte - congratulations on the house! hope you are exploring and finding new places to call you own….and of course, a few new friends-makes all the difference. xoC

Jenn - Mmmm…sweet tea. I haven’t seen that offered since we lived in New Orleans. I only lived there for a year, but I’m eager to move back south.
Congrats on buying a house! Hopefully the time will pass quickly.

stephanie - hang in there…i HATE transition. we are currently in the middle of things ourselves. i’m trying to be calm and enjoy each moment…but…argh! so i can kinda relate.

Shawn - Congratulations on finding a house. Hopefully the two months will fly by. And can you believe I’ve never tried McDonald’s sweet tea. I’ll have to check that out. :)

Christine - Hope your settles are still going ok. I am sure you are still in shambles getting there, but treat it as a process, not as a definite objective :)
Take care!

Sally - Wow, I just found your blog today (7/6) and have sat and read the whole thing. You moved me to tears, over and over, as I read about your sweet family and deployment and merry homecoming. Your words have made the military life a bit more real, as I know I live in near-total denial of the horrors that military families deal with.
Keep writing, be well, good luck with the transitions of home and baby, and happy house decorating!

Dorothy - I miss reading your blogs hope u get settle soon. How’s the pregnancy going? I hope no morning sickness!

Mom - Ok, *I* for one am having MAJOR Blog-Withdrawal here :) Posts without pictures are just fine by me… news, ANY news is sorely missed by this waaaay-far-awaaaaaaaaaaaay Gramma!
Gramma-Wilting-In-Montana-Heat-Wave Jan