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warning: random post ahead

Analysis Paralysis.  This is what my fellow perfectionist friend/boss coined it years ago.  That desire to do something so perfectly and analytically and logically that you do not do it at all. 

This is the stage I have been in since I moved into my house.  Today a friend came over, helped me organize a couple of things and make some final decisions on others – a huge push forward for me.  I dropped a few things off my "HAVE to do" list that were holding me back, decided on a few temporary solutions to storage issues, and put a short shopping list of things I CAN buy and do for now.

So, while out perusing online for my storage solutions today, I found some great deals on things.

First, I found several gift items, like these two costumes at Restoration Hardware online (who knew they sold costumes?).  They look well worth the $14 they’re asking for them:



And these cute preschool book totes were at Pottery Barn – I think for about $14-20 each (okay, not SUPER cheap, but inexpensive as a unique christmas gift; the backpacks were even cheaper):


And some great shelving.  First, these ladder shelves at Walmart – they’re super popular these days so they are temporarily out of stock, but worth bookmarking if you’re about to spend $130 at Crate & Barrel for one.  Walmart had each shelf for $42 (whoa! right?), or the set of three for $105:


And, finally, I saw these book shelves at Walmart online and had to point them out to you for both the price and how neat an idea they are for children’s bedrooms.  You’ve seen smaller versions at Pottery Barn (in fact I have on in E.’s room and LOVE it).  Walmart has two sizes for around $70-90.  They sell almost the exact same thing at Montgomery Wards Kids for $120-150.  I love the way they display books face out, and have a cutaway for large base moulding.  I’m convinced this shelf is one of the main reasons E. loves to pick out her own books so much:


Here’s the fancy pic from M. Ward’s; you pay more for the clever merchandising:


Okay, so this isn’t a shopping blog, which makes this a somewhat random post, but what girl doesn’t love a good shopping tip?

Amanda - Great shopping leads! I’m totally getting one of those kids book selves for the future playroom. Oh and my 3 year old has Analysis Paralysis. Poor kid!

andrea - I love the bookshelves! Love them! And I bet my kids would enjoy them – both seem to gravitate right towards this exact type of bookshelf at the preschool Eve goes to, now that I think of it.
I appreciated all the tips!

Keri - I love the ladder shelves. I always see them in the PBarn catalog & think “I would love those in my office” but cant afford the price!! Now, I will look at walmart!!! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Heidi S. - THANKS for the link to the kiddie bookshelf. Pottery Barn Kids has been sold out of these for a long time . . . who knew Wal-Mart would make my day. I am ordering both sizes because they save a ton of space. THANKS again!

Dorothy - Great post!! I love the bookshelves!!

Susan - Analysis Paralysis. Perfect description of how things have been going around here lately!