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a harvest holiday

I love this town and hate this town.  It’s small.  There’s a lot of prejudice (from every race) and old ways of thinking.  There’s a surprising amount of crime for the population.  In general, its just one of the most backwards places we’ve lived so far (in my own opinion).  But I am always on the lookout for its redeeming qualities, because I think every town has them.  In particular, for its size we have a surprising number of neat things for children – like a new library, a children’s museum, a "spray park," and little places like these – local pumpkin farm run by a woman who quit her teaching job to "work outside."


E. just turned three and she finally understands the joy of so many things, like her birthday (which seemed to last an entire week), and Christmas (she insists on visiting the seasonal section at Lowes), and this pumpkin patch, which she is still talking about.




I was drawn to how beautiful this little place was, from the rusty old potato chips stand holding the littlest pumpkins, to the artfully carved and painted gourds for sale in the shack:




These gourds really were beautiful and I thought of all you crafty, creative bloggers who see art in everything.  I’d seen painted gourd bird houses before, but nothing as intricately carved and crafted as these. 

Mom - Oh my goodness, how beautiful! And does it ever bring back memories of this time last year, with you and E, of the roadtrip with Starla… can’t wait to see you two, and Daddy, + 1 more–soon!
love u,

Sarah - Holy cow! All of a sudden E. looks like a kid. No traces of baby left whatsoever. Are you getting so excited for “next baby”? Can’t wait to see how their shared room turns out. We are eight weeks into expecting our #2 as well, and just might try the combo room thing too… Congrats on having a beautiful little girl!

Susan K - Wow! I agree that E. looks like a “big girl” now, and no longer a baby. She is so pretty and I think I’m seeing more of you (C.) in her. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Be ready – she’ll be planning her 4th birthday before you are ready!

Stephanie - I love this post (and the beautiful pictures). For as much as I sometimes complain about the town I live in (WAY too many snobby people here), I do love it for some many other reasons. Thanks for reminding me of some of them!