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pretty in pink…the accidental father’s day post


When I saw this little tree in Walmart’s ad a few weeks ago, I rushed over and brought one home for our princesses.  E. fell in love with it instantly and wants it plugged in every day.   


I left the room after taking these pictures and came back to find E. and Daddy stringing lights all over the room.  You could tell J. really got a kick out of making E.’s playroom twinkle for her. 



(E. keeps her dollhouse about as tidy as I keep our house.)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  We’ve decorated the mantle and set up the tree.  I’ve brought out all my Christmas cds and bought a little fabric to make E. and A. a stocking (cross your fingers that this project actually gets done).  James and I have even set our DVR to record as many classic Christmas movies as we could find so we could have family movie nights (you should have seen J.’s eyes light up when he realized Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on tonight – like we struck classic christmas gold).  And we got out this neat interactive nativity story my mom bought us last year: What God Wants for Christmas.  It’s J. and E.’s new nightly ritual for this month.      


And this is why I fall in love with James every day. Reading stories, stringing lights, recording movies…they may seem like simple things to you.  But I don’t take for granted how very there J. is for our kids.  He’s everything I wanted in a father for my kids.  I really couldn’t have asked for more.  It’s hard to explain; he doesn’t just fulfill his Daddy duties – he enjoys them, looks forward to them.  I love that any moment J. isn’t at work is a possible Daddy moment for E. (and now A., too).  This is a typical evening: we hear the garage door and E.’s eyes perk up.  James walks in, E. goes running with arms wide open.  They do hugs and kisses.  E. helps him take his shoes to the closet.  J. retires to the livingroom to become a human jungle gym for E.  Evyn will do a few dressing room changes and come out in a dress, asking Daddy to dance.  We’ll eat dinner (J. will rock the baby with one arm while trying to shovel food in his mouth with the other).  J. will take diaper duty, then get E. dressed for bed and read a few stories and sing a song – usually, Rocky Top but this month he’s teaching her the Twelve Days of Christmas.  After he puts her to bed, he might rest on the couch for a few moments before helping me rock/feed/diaper Ashlyn.  This may all seem typical for some of you.  But as the daughter of a mom who often had to be both Mommy and Daddy, I truly appreciate how special it is to have a partner in parenting.  To me, he’s just. amazing.


Well.  This started out as a pink tree post, and meandered into a father’s day post.  Sorry about the rabbit trail.  But I’m making good on my promise to myself to remember how very blessed I am, and to take time to enjoy and appreciate this season in our lives. 

Mom - Oh my gosh. I’m all teary-eyed right now. God has answered my prayers for you, little Crystal Lee. Yes, I knew that. Tonight you reminded me. (((Thank you)))
~ always, mom xo

Shawn - This post made me smile from the pink tree and the little princess decorating it to the sweet daddy stuff at the end. And then the teary-eyed comment from your mom. You’re definitely blessed. :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas if I don’t get a chance to pop by again before then. :)

Dawn - Love this post! You are blessed indeed!

coffeechris - I have been waiting to see the pink tree and my oh my what more could there be. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am raising my boy, much like your Mom (being both parents since he was 2). I heart your post – bless you for being grateful out loud. My Longest Year has made a difference in my world, thanx.
p.s. think the pix of daddy and e would be a great Christmas Card – photoshop in a and you and your set.

Pinky - He is an awesome man and an awesome daddy!
You are a blessed lady, and I’m totally sure he’s equally blessed by you!
Lots of love, and thanks for sharing!

Nik - So great to talk to you the other day while you were out and about!
Love this post, like all the others… I don’t know how you find the time SuperMom!!!
When you write your book- I’ll be first in line to buy it :)
Love ya and Happy Holidays-

Christine - Family can be so amazing. You are a lucky lady…although I am not sure I believe in luck. You are probably just a good picker!

andrea - What a touching, beautiful post. I love reading about your happy family – you are all very blessed to have each other, and to have a mother who prayed so diligently for you.
I was at Walmart yesterday but all I saw was a white tree – I would’ve snatched up a pink one for sure. Eve would’ve lost her mind!

Kat - Hi there from New Zealand. I came across your blog looking at the oven mitt tutorial (which I’m about to make for Christmas presents, thank you! :)) and saw this post, which is lovely :) My daughter has an amazing daddy like that too. Merry Christmas to you!

killlashandra - It’s a lovely little christmas tree. Sometimes I’m surprised at all the different colors trees now come in. Pretty pictures in pink.

Selah - I just wanted to thank you for that amazing photo of your daughter and husband playing dress up. I work hard to broaden my 5 year old son’s definition of what is powerful. I showed him that photo of a man in the army (which holds such power for him right now) playing dress up and it started a wonderful conversation. We talked about how your husband is in the army but how it’s his job, he’s also a daddy who is strong when he plays with his daughter. I’m having trouble writing the gist of our conversation but really I wanted to say thank you.

Keri - Crystal – What a great post.

charlotte - well it’s the loveliest rabbit trail tale …to a magical place. happy holidays to your sweet family- to you, your prince and princesses. xoC

The Goddess - I know what you mean. My mom was dad also so I can appreciate having a husband to help out. I love watching my hubby and the kids. Those are the most precious things in the world to me. I wish I could capture each and every last one of them.
E looks so cute in her little snow white dress. That’s adorable.

Phillip - ha! Is this what’s in my future?! Oh, boy.

Charlene Teo - So lovely!