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Maybe I still have too many hormones post-pregnancy.  Maybe I need more sleep.  Or maybe I’m just getting a little sappy as I age (I just turned THIRTY, people! It doesn’t seem possible).  But when another box arrived on my porch yesterday and I opened it to find these christmas presents from my Nana and Grandpa, I suddenly felt warm-fuzzy.  Can you believe all four of my grandparents are living (and, actually, one great-grandparent)?  They’re getting up in their years, but they are all still very "with it."  And something about opening a box full of lovingly wrapped and labeled gifts for the girls brought me back a couple of decades.  Don’t you just love how "grandparent-y" my Nana’s writing is? I was instantly aware how lucky I am to still have my grandparents.  For the most part, I grew up living long distance from all of them.  But there were two lucky years I enjoyed my Grandma and Grandpa Hernandez while living in California during grade school, and I spent my college years living down the street from Nana and Grandpa in Nashville during college and for a few years after.  I have fond memories of doing laundry at Nana’s house after classes, passing the time eating her banana pudding and chatting about everything under the sun with her at the kitchen table.  Grandpa was usually busy fixing my car for the hundredth time.  Or watching public television.

This year I bought or made token gifts for all of them.  I’d been wanting to try one of the gazillion tutorials for tissue covers I’ve seen in blogland, and I was surprised at how simple the process was.  I came up with this blue one for my Nana with the few scraps of time I could squeeze out of last night before A.’s midnight feeding:


I actually modified a couple of tutorials to come up with this Easy Peasy version, and if I have time I’ll take pictures of the process next time.  It really was crazy-simple.  The fabric samples I bought on sale at JoAnns were the perfect quality, color, and weight for this little project.

Would write more but I have a strong, fiesty brunette strapped to me and I’d better quit before she gets dangerous. 

Christine - Gifts from my Nana look surprisingly similar. :) Merry Christmas!

Keri - You are so lucky that all your grandparents are alive! I had a Nana too. She passed when my oldest was 8 weeks old. So I still have my “grandad” (known now to us just as “Gran”) who also has that same handwriting, and I have such fun memories of my time growing up near them – such a part of my life. Thanks for making me think & taking a few minutes to stroll down my own memory lane.

Gift of Green - Thirty!? My goodness. You’re ancient! :) Signed, Closer to 40 than to 30.

Pinky - Lovin’ this cute little tissue holder!!
I’m lucky to have one set of grandparents still. We’ll be moving to their town in a few months and I can’t wait! G-parents are the best!! (my grandma writes just like yours!!!;-)

Kylie - Oh I still have both sets of Grandparents as well – and also turn 30 in a few months (not going to freak out though – I have promised myself!) I have many fond memories of living near them while growing up and now miss that we travel the country side with the defence force (Australian)

Regina - All my grandparents are still living too! I’m not that close to my dad’s parents, who live right down the road from me (long story) but my mom’s parents live right next door! They are my “Nana and Papa” They gave my hubby and I half their land when we were engaged. I love being so close to them. It’s great if I just need to borrow an extra egg or something. Of course, it’s nice to be able to look after them too as they get older.

Kay - I bet she loved them. Another idea for fabric on these is to go to a design store and see if they have samples that they are getting rid of. I just got a big piece that I am going to make a skirt out of!