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merry christmas, courtesy a three year old


Well, that’s one way to use fabric scraps, I suppose.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

lara - merry christmas! hope it’s a good one for you and all your loved ones. :)

Yvonne Fjellvang - Great tree. Have a wonderful christmas.

Darlene - Christmas is all about the birth of our Christ so I truely believe that it is a time for children. I love seeing trees decorated by children. I think the tree is beautiful and you can see just how much E enjoyed it. My kids and now my grandchildren are a huge part of my decorations. I cherish each year to see their creativity. Merry Christmas to all from Oklahoma.

Susan Kern - I love the tree. Our kids did most of the tree decorating as well. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together with your new baby in your new home! God Bless!!!

charlotte - ….and a happy, happy new year to you as well! xoC

coffeechris - Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, wishing you and the family a year of BIG Dreams, fun schemes and a GREAT 2008. You were one of the first blogs I every read and have a special place in my world, thanks for introducing me to a community of connection and creativity.