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the one that didn’t make the cut

It’s totally true what my photographer-friend says about pictures.  You have to take quite a few to get that "one" — like the picture of my two darlings in the previous post.  What photo galleries and pretty blogs never show are the forty-two other pictures of the pastry/antique treasure/handcrafted thingy/cute-sleeping-children that are now sitting in the computer’s recycle bin (okay, pics of kiddos probably don’t wind up in the bin). 


As a blogger, I sometimes chuckle at the process–especially the matter of what I choose to photograph.  Stripped of the context of blogging, I’d have some explaining to do (after all, I’m not a photographer, stylist, or designer).  My non-blogging husband doesn’t flinch anymore when he sees me hunched over something like a plate of biscotti with my camera for ten minutes.  But sometimes I’m aware of how personal and somewhat awkward the business of blogging can be when I imagine explaining to someone outside the blogging community why I’ve just whipped out my camera for diapers or pumpkins or file folders, for heaven’s sake.  The only thing more hilarious is the sheer number of pictures I wind up taking of said diapers and pumpkins and file folders.

Of course, in the end all the hunching and posing and tweaking and obsessive choosing from dozens of pictures for the sake of telling a story is perfectly worth it.  Now please tell me I’m not the only blogging dork who’s privately (well, now publicly) mused about this.

eta: obviously, I actually love the above picture – it’s just not the one that I wound up picking for the birth announcement.   

Linda - Both of these photos are so lovely, each in their own way. Congratulations on everything that these lovely pictures imply.

pixie - what an adorable photo. I do the exact same thing and never thought for one moment I was odd for photographing my tea cup, my dogs, a knitting needle or a shoe. I am the daughter of the photograpgher though so I’ve watching him photograph all sorts of odd things so I guess to me it’s normal, and I was raised knowing you have to take a dozen shots of something to score that one great shot!

Ashley - Hi There!
I am a relatively new blogger and I just stumbled upon your blog last night. (It can be addicting reading different blogs!) I have to admit your entries brought me to tears, but your amazing pictures did the same! My favorite was from the post “Bye Daddy” and “Home” of your husband and daughter. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments of life, it has given me a great appreciation for not only my family, but your husbands service. But anyway, your pics are great!

Jan - Well, this pic may not have “made the cut” in your eyes, but it’s the one your dad and I picked out to grace my computer’s desktop …
Be glad you have a digital camera with which to take those gazillion shots, rather than pay to develop the negatives and *then* choose!

Amanda - Well said. I hunched over a bowl of spicy gumbo for 20 minutes the other day trying to get a good photo. By the time I got a decent shot, it was cold and I was ready to pass out from starvation. The hard life of a blogging Mom I tell you.

Amanda - Well said. I hunched over a bowl of spicy gumbo for 20 minutes the other day trying to get a good photo. By the time I got a decent shot, it was cold and I was ready to pass out from starvation. The hard life of a blogging Mom I tell you.

Amber - Yep – right there with ya…..I mean, how many pictures of muffins/cookies/anything else can we take? Apparently a lot :-)

Adrienne - That is too funny! My husband is right there with yours…I just started a blog back in Dec. so he is still getting used to me taking random pictures. I also got a new camera so my ‘excuse’ is that I’m getting used to it – ha!

miss chris - Ha! Yes, my hard drive is full of strange bad shots. Yarn in a basket, anyone??? :)

Jackie - I completely agree about taking many pictures to get the right one. I document everything we do with pics and my friends who are not in the blogging community think I am nuts! But I love sharing my stories and pictures seem to make my story telling better.

Keri - Crystal – great pics. E looks like she is so gentle w/her sister.

Rebecca - Not sure how I wandered over here, but I’m so glad to have found your sweet sight. If for no other reason than that perfect picture!

Jen - Crystal, I LOVE this photo!! Of course, I love the one in b&w, too. They are both gorgeous. Your girls are precious! Yes, I do take a ton of pictures of things I never imagined zooming in on. It’s given me lots of good practice with my camera, though!

adele - adorable photo.
like your husband, mine also turns a blind eye when i’m engrossed in shooting something. he usually walks by and chuckles.

Leaner - So funny isn’t it? I was telling my Dad about this as I stretched up to take a picture of some desert mistletoe. My Dad laughed and my husband has snickered at me so many times.
I love your blog. I am just starting a similar journey, and my blog dates back to my husband leaving for Basic Training (nearly four years ago.) I am slowly making my way through your posts. Thanks for writing this!