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I used to think he looked hot in uniform…


But washing dishes with a baby strapped to him trumps the army gear by a long shot.

Jan - Too cool! (and just look at baby’s toes… curled up again) God has surely blessed you beyond measure.

LauraJ - those curly toes again! 😀

coffeechris - Amazing….better than a uniform and home safe and sound with the three ladies. Great photo – I see a double frame one side full polished uniform digs and the other this warm daddy uniform. blessings

Elizabeth K - That’s hilarious photo. A pair of cuties you’ve got there.

Gift of Green - Ha! Adorable! Just call it “The Bjorn Identity!”…p.s. where did you get your family established sign hanging in the background?

joy - what a sweet daddy! love seein’ a man with a baby strapped to him so sweet!

Keri - Great pics!!!! I think A looks alot like James.

Sarah - Very, very adorable. Thanks for continuing to post through newborn time! I look forward to reading, always.

The NON-Superwoman - Love to see babies strapped to their daddys and mommas :-) Oh my goodness…..I was just looking at family signs on Etsy and Ebay last week to order one for the house. Couldn’t make up my mind. LOVE yours.