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a bit o’ green


Last night I finally finished this lap blanket for E.  It worked up rather quickly compared to the one I’d done for baby A. recently.  I love this color green and it’s everywhere right now (have you seen the porcelain cups at Starbucks?).  It’s Lion Brand Cotton Ease "lime" — a name I just don’t agree with.  I’m constantly renaming paints and yarns and fabric swatches in catalogs.  This is most definitely a springy leaf green; can’t they see that?  Lime is more neon and 80’s, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, E. wasn’t as excited and appreciative of her lovingly-made blanket as I was hoping, but I was prepared for that.  I guess it’s hard to expect a three year-old to get jazzed about crochet.   

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

p.s.: I bought our family name sign (pictured in the previous post) from a store on ebay a couple of years ago.  Do an ebay search in their stores for "family name sign" and you will find quite a variety of options. Ebay search.

p.s. #2: The pattern is the minty one pictured on the back of this little pattern book I found next to all the yarn at Michaels.  I didn’t like their picot edging so I made up my own (I can never follow anything exactly).


Jan - Actually, I think both you and Lion Brand Yarn are correct. And I only know this because we buy lots of actual limes :) Shades of green on limes range from the color of this new blanket (and in some cases even deeper) to the brighter lime of the 80s.
What a cheerful post on this day for fun! (Hey, if you’re wanting an idea of something to make your mother some year… she looooooooves crocheted blankies *grin*)
with hugs to my first ‘little leprechaun’,

andrea - I do love this color green – very cheery and spring-ish. It’s a beautiful blanket! Someday E. will love it, I’m sure.

Janice - Is there a pattern for your little green lapghan??? Or a reference to the pattern??? I looked on the Lion Brand website, but didn’t find it easily.
Do you cook as well as you do your website and everything in it?
You’re inspirational. Keep up the great work!

Lacey - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket and the color. You comment on my knitting skilz, well you are one up on me with your crochet!

joy - i’m totally with you on the color name! lime? seriously. i know lime and that is not lime.
if you run across any cool knitting patterns for a baby blanket let me know. i find out what i’m having April 22 so i’ll start then.

Andrea - Hi :) I linked you at my blog and I thought I’d just drop you a line.

pinky - LOVE this color. I wear it and decorate with it.

julie (jane's apron) - lovely green…definitely not lime.