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things we’ve handed down: toes

Do you ever blog in your head?  Around the house, while cooking, or shopping, or doing some other mundane thing?  I do.  These "posts" usually don’t make it to the blog.  Recently, though, I’ve been mentally cataloging a list of images that depict a running theme.  I’ve started photographing them and I have a small collection–they’re things we’ve handed down.  If you’re a parent, you notice and muse about these things, too, I’m sure.  But I want to capture it here.  So from time to time you’ll see them posted.  Maybe you can appreciate them; maybe they’ll wind up being posts only this mother could love…Either way, I want my girls to have them.

Things We’ve Handed Down: Toes


Both of my girls have my big toe.  Crazy.  Eighteen months combined in pregnancy and the thanks I get?  They came out looking like their father.  But they have my long fingers and big, spoon-shaped toe, which, actually originally came from my mother.  You can’t really see our spoon toes here, but I love this picture of the Toesies game we play. 

LauraJ - that’s really cute photo. you could do this again in 6 months, and 6 months after that . i just love documenting how a child grows. they are little for only so long. my son inherited my toes too.

miss chris - Hello piggies! (Neither of my girls look like me either. It’s going around.)

Jan/Mom - Ok, now you’ve got me curious which parent *I* got it from, or if it’s a throwback a few generations *haha* (I’m sure it’ll make for a memorable experience the next time I visit your Nana & Grandpa… they’ll wonder what in the heck I’m doing, checking out their toes!)
miss u,

Elizabeth - oh man I write so many posts in my head it’s not even funny. Very cute photo.

Rachel - I’ve been stalking your blog for quite some time and I’ve never commented, but this leads me to come out of the dark.
I do the same thing with the random though blogs.
As a matter of fact, your toes made me think of a post I made back in December…check it out…at least the last picture!

Keri - That is so funny you mention toes – my daughters both have my husbands feet. I chuckle about it all the time when they are walking barefoot.
Such a cute pic!

Linda Pinda - I feel blessed to have stumbled across your blog via apronista…
I’ve tried to catch up with your story and am so glad you are still blogging.
You and your beautiful family will be in my prayers.
Blessings… a fellow wife mommy, and apron lover, *Linda*

Leaner - Cute! I do the same thing, mostly when I am driving. I write posts and stories in my head while the kids sing in the back seat.
My kids unfortunately seem to have gotten Daddy’s hobbit feet. Wide bases that keep them upright more than my narrow trip-a-lot bases.
I am so glad that I found your blog (through apronista I think?) It reminds me that I will be ok, and deployment isn’t the end.

charlotte - o, they are so sweet….yours, hers, together! xoC