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things we’ve handed down: the littlest valentine


This is the sweet outfit that once belonged to me (or maybe my sister?).  A little red and ric-rac outfit handmade with love by Mom.  Isn’t she the cutest?  You have to ignore the Roseanne Barr-ish keep-the-couch-clean blanket that we sometimes keep on the furniture (and that I forget to move before taking pictures, sigh).  She also has Mommy’s childhood habit of sucking her fingers:   


Evyn wore this same outfit several years ago (note the same blanket thrown over the couch):


Jan/Mom - This was made for you… and it fit you perfectly when you were 11 months old! (Your sister zoomed past this size and never got to share it.) This tells you how petite you’ve always been *s*. It was the first (and last) item I tried edging with ricrac (think: straight stitch sewing machine with no other stitches and no special sewing feet for zippers or ricrac).
Love that both girls have gotten to share this with you ((hugs))
~ always, mom/gramma

Amanda - Holy CUTE.
Your kids look so much different. Isn’t that amazing and cool and weird?Mine don’t look much alike either.

Keri - I cant believe how much Evyn looks like your husband in that picture from when she was younger.
My youngest sucks her thumb & asked me this morning “mommy, do you suck your thumb, it makes me feel better” and I told her I did when I was little – she said “oh , good” Your post reminded me of that conversation about A sucking on her fingers – just like you.
The pics are adorable.

miss chris - Oh. My. Goodness. My teeth hurt, these photos are so sweet.

Hannah - How adorable!! So sweet!!
I am sorry about the delay with my repsonse to your comment on my blog. The name of the paint I used in my room is called Cracker Bitz and then I added in the glitter. They sell it at Lowes. It is nice to get back into my blogging world and I look forward to catching up on what all the ladies have been doing!

Regina - Your girls are beautiful! You are so blessed!