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e being good

E. is the true product of a mommy who blogs, and, therefore, takes lots of pictures.  Of everything.  And anything.  Everything is something that could be important.  Every once in a while she’ll ask me to take a picture of her.  This is a picture of Evyn "being good."  No, seriously.  That’s what she asked for – "Take a picture of me being good, Mommy."  So here it is: Evyn being good.


And here is another very important picture.  Of Ariel, per Evyn.  Actually, I’m quite proud of it.  It’s one of the first pictures she’s drawn that could really look like someone.  And I love her interpretation – especially that she knows Ariel is basically orange with pinkish red hair.


And since I’ve now gone down this whole everything-my-daughter-draws-is-important-enough-to-share road with you, here is her roller coaster.  And ladybug. Which she actually hates in nature but wanted to draw.



Heather - So cute!! My son had his third birthday in January and his Mother’s Day Out class made a book for him where each kid drew a page and the teacher wrote what they drew, as interpreted by them. Out of 15 pages, 11 were of roller coasters. My son even draws them all of the time. I don’t know what it is about this age and roller coasters…especially since he’s never even seen one!! :)

andrea - She’s so sweet. Love the pictures! You should get some funky frames/mats and hang them up!

Susan - So sweet! I love how serious she looks in the picture.

Hannah - She is sooo adorable! love the photos, thanks for sharing!

Yvonne - Love your pictures, as always. Those drawings are really cute. I also have two girls that love to take pictures of everything. It’s interesting how they see things in a different perspective.